For those of you not familiar with Aubrey Logan, she is a fantastic singer with a range that includes sky-note. She has been featured on five Postmodern Jukebox top-ten albums (Billboard – Jazz Albums), scored a #2 with Dave Koz And Friends: Summer Horns II From A To Z (2018), and a #1 Contemporary Jazz Albums with her own, Where The Sunshine Is Expensive (2019).

In addition to her talents as a vocalist, arranger, and composer, she plays a mean trombone solo.

In her newsletter today, she dished a little bit about her 2009 win at the  ShureMontreux Jazz Festival, in the newsletter she writes…

Back when I was SUUUUPER young and naive, I went to the Montreux Jazz Festival to compete in the Jazz Vocal Competition. I thought I would lose because all the other female singers were super sophisticated, cool, sexy, and well… not like me at all. 

I went up there and sang this silly song, scatted as hard as I could, pulled out my trombone, got the (reserved and shy) audience clapping (which I really thought would do me in), but to my surprise ended up winning 1st place. My oddness might have worked in my favor that day.

Aubrey Logan

“Fascinating Rythm” (Why won’t you stop picking on me?)

I mentioned earlier about Aubrey’s sky-note and her writing and arranging skills, here you go.

Louboutins 2.0” written by Aubrey Logan, Pam Sheyne, and Patrizio Moi.

I can’t dance in these Louboutins
They kinda hurt my feet I wanna take them off
I know they be expensive and you think they’re hot
But baby I just can’t dance in these Louboutins

So far, she hasn’t dished on whether she can do her one-handed cartwheels in those Louboutins.

You can find everything at her <website>