Alex Sill w Kiesel Guitars

I discovered Alex Sill while working for his Grandfather’s estate, Gregmark Music Inc., Alex is the grandson of Lester Sill (The Monkees, Leiber and Stoller, Carole King).  Whereas Lester was a manager/producer and did not play an instrument, Alex is an award-winning jazz guitarist, who along with saxophonist Jacob Scesney (Postmodern Jukebox), are now published members of the Simon Phillips band with the release of the new studio album Protocol V. 

Alex and Jacob are also gigging together around Los Angeles as The Night Watch, a collective of jazz musicians who often feature artists like Casey Abrams (Postmodern Jukebox), and Deron Johnson ( Miles Davis, and Seal).

Prior to the pandemic, The Night Watch had a residency at Gold-Diggers and more recently have been playing The Baked Potato.  Alex and Jacob are also members of The Winston House Band (Winston House, Venice CA), a jazz band that does pop music arrangements, led by Adrian Cota.

While the primary gig for Alex and Jacob is for tour dates with the Simon Phillips band in support of the new Protocol V album, I am hoping for a raging live music summer after two years of being locked down with our instruments.

BTW: I saw this fantastic Simon Philips line-up at the Catalina Jazz Club in early 2020.  Even with the building under construction and the room shaped like an “L”, the audio and performance were flawless.

Simon Phillips tickets can be found <here>

Alex SIll <website>