Mihi Nihil - 'Mihi Nihil' album art

I want to use the word “terroir” in this blurb, but I can’t without sounding pretentious. But Mihi Nihil’s debut album evokes a sense of place so strong that you can see the palm trees, smell the ocean and feel the spiky energy of LA in every song. Each track is more a mini-drama than a tune, with a clear sense of destination and a consistent, appropriate sound that will be immediately identifiable after one listening. Mihi Nihil is a four piece with Mihi Vox (vocals, Benjamin Montoya (guitar), Nick Steinberg (bass) and Adam Alt(drums). Their sound is at once familiar (think The Motels or Missing Persons), atmospheric, and visual. From the ominous beats that start the album to the feedback that ends it, these tracks hold together in a way rare in the grab bag albums of our streaming present. If I had to pick some standout tunes, they would be the opener, “Gold”, reminiscent of Mazzy Star with an edge, and “Falling Star” perhaps the most accessible melody. But all the songs feature the deconstructed sound of surf guitar and soaring vocals that will translate fantastically to the stage. Mihi Nihil the album came out in the wrong year for live music, but keep an eye out – I predict they will put on an amazing show.